Unity and opposites

We work with the methods of strategy consultants and the tools of software engineering, connecting generalists and specialists. We compile focused IT strategies and develop software for industries where IT is critical to business success.

This is why we stand out from the big generalists, from the firms focused on implementation, and the large number of isolated experts. Our consultants operate at our clients' premises, where they can perform their service most efficiently and effectively. From our pool of experts, we will combine IT-transformation teams, which are integrated into the organisation of our clients in the form of a think tank.

We are confident that complex tasks can only be solved constructively using complex tools. CORE, in cooperation with clients and providers, develops software solutions for IT-transformation challenges.


The COREinstitute is a place of strong intellectual quality in which IT transformations are researched, discussed, and relevant results published not only in the areas of consulting or engineering, but also for scientific and sometimes abstract topics.


COREengineering supports clients in successfully developing and designing their IT solutions. Central responsibilities involve software and system development, as well as the management of partners. We rely on a global network of the world’s best resources which is steered by the engineering team as a whole.


COREoperating, in cooperation with the world's leading infrastructure providers, ensures that client requirements for performance, resilience and security requirements are fulfilled by proven specialists through agile process models and using the latest technologies.

University of Potsdam

Our cooperation with the University of Potsdam covers research projects and the support of dissertations. In addition to this, we also hold strong connections with the student management consultancy, UniClever.

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With the Georg-August-University we have a cooperative relationship. In that context, we investigate success factors of project management in practice.

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Banking Industry Architecture Network BIAN

The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is made up of leading market participants who gather often to promote the standardisation and industrialisation of the banking industry.

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European Association for Biometrics eab

Biometrics is ready for use in banking and this is demonstrated by the growing use of fingerprint technology by Apple and Samsung in the German banking sector, as well as by other applications.

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