Our values

The guiding principles of our business are "Trust, Performance, & Expertise". What makes CORE and its employees stand out is the combination of excellent management knowledge, analytical accuracy, professional communication standards, and a high degree of IT specialisation combined with a practical IT transformation experience.

CORE operates highly independently in critical IT transformations as a trusted partner of senior management. We use the methods of strategy consultants and the tools of software engineers to safeguard our clients' decision-making processes and to adapt their pace to the requirements of the market.

The foundation for our independence is our deep expertise of technology, the accumulated experience from different industrial perspectives, and our orientation towards the highest ethical and professional standards. In short, the better idea wins!


The central value of our business is acting as a trustworthy consultant - always independent, always competent, always inspiring.


In business critical IT transformations, we work under the highest professional standards to ensure the success of the project and the expected benefits.


We use our expertise in innovative approaches, focused solutions, and superior organisation of necessary processes in regards to IT transformations.